What is Virtual Home Staging? Virtual home staging uses modern AI software to change the appearance and furnishings in a room. We can also remove items as well.
Do I need Virtual Home Staging to sell my listing? Not really. But if you want to give the listing the best possible chance of being seen by potential buyers, the answer may change.
Why choose Virtual Home staging over traditional staging? Very good question. The answer is easy: You avoid the expense and time of removing all your belongings from your home and replacing it with heavy furniture for staging. Virtual staging is less expensive, faster, and far less labor-intensive than traditional staging. And your photographer may offer this service at a reduced cost along with professional photos. And the turnaround time is about the same as delivering photos, depending on how many rooms you choose to have virtually staged.
Is it worth it to have a home Virtually Staged? Absolutely! According to Angi, traditional staging can cost $1,500 per month compared to virtual staging, which can cost upwards of $100 per photo. 
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