Zillow 3D Interactive Home Tours is a new service we offer for our clients. It includes a floor plan that is linked to the scans taken of each room. See the sample below.
Each tour and floor plan will automatically show up directly on a listing’s Zillow page once the listing is published. 
The photos are linked to the room where taken. Just click on the floor plan. 
Zillow gives search preference to listings with a 3D Home Interactive Home Tour, which gives it the boost needed with a new listing.
Zillow 3D Interactive Home Tours also automatically appear on other websites.  
Easily share the embed code or link to the MLS.
Zillow 3D Interactive Home Tours take between 30-45 minutes to scan, which makes them simpler to shoot and more affordable.
Zillow has NO HOSTING fees for the life of the tour. However, an additional photographer tour capture fee is required for this service.
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